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Are you planning the ultimate night out? Whether you’re planning a hen’s party, bucks party or boat party, you want to provide your guests with the best in entertainment. We have a wonderful selection to choose from and our services cover bucks cruises that will get the party started and can be undertaken night or day.

The flexibility of hiring a stripper direct to your room or function can provide you with a much more personal and cost effective experience. Often gentleman clubs ask for huge cover charges and usually set ridiculous prices per hour. Being able to choose the gorgeous brunettes or the flirtatious blonde’s means you get what you want before the service is even delivered.

Who is Strippers Perth?

Strippers PerthOur female strippers in Perth offers a range of services such as boat parties to hen’s party packages and has gained the reputation of being the wildest and sexiest in Western Australia. Whatever celebration it is, the professionals will be sure to provide the best adult entertainment and most importantly a night you will never forget.

All our girls know how to take any party or event up to another notch. So if you want to create a night everyone will never forget, be sure to get in touch with us. We pride ourselves in our professional, yet fun service.

We take the time to understand your specific needs and situation. Therefore we can provide you with the best girl/s possible. No matter the type of female stripping in Perth you are after, we certainly have a girl for you.

We make the process of booking a stripper so easy and our dedicated team will work hard to ensure you and your party have the best night possible. We are here to take care of the finer details so all you have to do is sit back, relax and have fun.

So, if you are down to party, we have the girls for you! With us, you know your event will be taken up to a whole other level. No matter your budget, our team will work with you so you can have an awesome and unforgettable night.

Meet The Girls And Why Our Girls Are The Best

Whether you’re seeking a tempting brunette or a teasing blonde or even a feisty goddess, we can provide the woman of your dreams to ensure all your desires and wants come true. Let’s meet some of the girls from Perth!

Strippers Perth Kyla


Kyla is your cheeky Kiwi firecracker girl who is not shy of a fun time and with games and entertainment. With her athletic body and her sexy brunette hair, Kyla will be sure to make your night a memorable one.

Strippers Perth: Melody


Her Eurasian background gives the opportunity for a bit of a unique experience. She will leave everyone wanting more with her fun and bubbly personality. Melody is highly experienced with boat parties and will be sure to provide you with endless entertainment to go with the booze. Enquire for Melody today and receive a distinctive experience.

Strippers Perth Hollie


Hollie is one of our more experienced professionals, not only does she get along with everyone who attends the function, she is sure to liven up the party and make sure everyone has a drink in their hands. For great drink service, excellent presentation and even better strip show, book in Hollie for a night you most certainly will remember.

perth stripper indigo paige

Indigo Paige

Fun and loves to party! Indigo enjoys being the centre of the party and will make sure you get on her vibe levels. Bucks events are her specialty, her bubbly personality and her gorgeous looks will ensure your buck’s event will be an extra special one.

Occasions You’ll Need Topless Waitresses

If you’re trying to decide what will make that party or event extra special, think no more! Hiring a stripper will ensure it will be an unforgettable experience. Our services are tailored around special occasions such as hen’s, boat, bucks and bus parties. If you have any of these events planned and are thinking how to make it unforgettable, be sure to contact one of our lovely girls.

A bucks party for example is a rite of passage for every man who is about to get married, therefore it is extra important to make it as memorable as possible. We all know the benefits of having attractive and talented professionals with a room full of men.

Even if you are looking to take the typical boys’ night out to another level, strippers are certainly the way to go. Be sure to make the event even more special. Birthday parties (like a 18th or 21st) which is just features your buddies can be a great event for strippers. Especially if the birthday boy doesn’t know about what you have planned for him!

Strippers Perth: Melody

Things To Avoid When Hiring Strippers

katie alicia stripper perth

When choosing the right girl for you event, there are many things to consider before following through with the service. Research will give you a general idea in terms of deciding the best website and services available out there. It is also important to actually look at the girls they have. If they don’t have any you like they move on to the next website.

Reading reviews online also provide a more sound understanding of the hidden costs that could be lurking around the corner. As well as this, talk to your other friend who may have been at an event with strippers before. They would have some real experience and let you know which girl or company you should hire from.

Here are a few things that should be considered when deciding what girls to choose:

  • Always hire strippers from companies that are reputable, often some companies change last minute and you may not get exactly what you asked for. All our strippers here at Perth have the experience to give you high class entertainment. They know the routines that will leave you looking for more.
  • When it comes to bookings, some companies will hide certain fees in the costs which can be extremely frustrating. Be sure to agree the terms and conditions prior to payment so you avoid the sneaky little payments.

Why You Should Hire Strippers

Female exotic dancers are without doubt the centre piece of any great special occasion such as a bucks or boat party. One of the biggest attractions is the great figures and gorgeous personalities that can perform at different locations and occasions.

Going to a gentleman’s club instead of hiring strippers to come to your events can certainly end up being extremely costly, generally when you go into a licensed establishment there are many extra costs such as drinks and overhead costs.

Whereas all our packages layout the costs for you and your party. So if you were going to end up splitting the fee between friends, the process is made easy and could actually end up saving you a lot of money.

Important Things To Know Before The Event

It is crucial to remember that at the end of the day it is a business exchange and that they are not just pleasure givers. It is smart to formalise a lot of things on both ends, making sure rules are implemented so that both parties can have a good night.

Here are 5 important things to know before the event:

strippers perth jasmine jax

No photos

Many performers chose not to be represented on a website for obvious reasons. In particular, they do not want pictures or videos of them being taken whilst performing. Not only is it distracting, but can lead to legal implications if the images or videos are distributed illegally.

In some instances, the performers may ask if cell phones can be turned off to ensure the integrity of the performance is guaranteed. You are there to be in the moment. How can you be in the moment if you are watching the performance as it is recording from your phone?

Our girls are here to help you have the best time humanly possible. You can be on your phone any day of the week. It isn’t every day where a stripper will be entertaining you! So be sure to make the most of it, put your phone away.

Having fun

At the end of the day, having fun is at the heart of our service. Our professional females stripping in Perth will guarantee that the evening will be unforgettable; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the entertainment. They are aware that from time to time, things can get of hand quite quickly and will make sure they go through the ground rules prior to performance to improve overall safety.

Be prepared for a big night of partying

It is self-explanatory that with boat/ bucks/ hen’s parties come a lot of drinking, dancing, singing and entertainment. So be prepared for a wild night out if you happen to attend one of these. Our experienced girls know how to keep a party going, not just with the large consumption of booze, but also the kinky and sexy entertainment that is provided.

Respect is crucial

First of all, safety is one of the immediate measures in place for the professionals. Because the strippers are working hard to earn a dollar, respect is important and must be treat people the way they would like to be treated.

As well as this, we will respect you and your party. This is a time for a lot of fun and games, but do not take things too far that could put yourself or your guests (and the girls) in danger. Think about your decision and how they will affect the overall mood of the party and other guests.

Age policies

There is a strict over 18 policies when it comes to attending events that involve exotic dancers and alcohol. Identification will be mandatory and the strippers have the authority to not decide to perform her show and entertainment if there is evidence of under 18 persons.

Even if you are having your 18th birthday party and you want to bring your 17 (and 11 month) year old friends to an event, our girls reserve the right to say no. It seems annoying, but you will just have to wait until everyone turns 18 before the adult fun can begin.

Strippers Perth: Nina

How Strippers Can Make Your Event Better

We have a massive amount of experience with making sure the celebration goes off with a bang, and have the sexiest strippers in the state. All of whom have been carefully selected not only for their goddess looks but also their welcoming and bubbly personalities.

We have an extensive range of girl’s available ready to party with you, no matter what you are celebrating. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your event is the one talked about for many years to come!



Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that will make your event better:

  • Dance skills – Someone who prides themselves as quality dancers can considerably bring the house down. Being able to entertain guests through dancing can turn that mediocre show into that unforgettable one.
  • Attractive – It’s no secret attractive dancers are more inclined to bring better crowd responses. All our girls are beautiful (inside and out) and they know how to use their good looks to their advantage.
  • Friendly – An unforgettable night goes far beyond just being able to entertain, choose someone who values customer service and satisfaction that will always go the extra mile to make you happy. Whether it’s making sure you have drinks or just wanting you to smile, the experience can be delivered in a way that the guests will walk out with a smile.
  • Extra thrills – Little things like being willing to go the entire way nude are harmless and a little fun at the same time.
Be sure to get in contact with us today if you are ready to turn your party up another notch!

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